We’re increasing the longevity of your art, with science-based processes.

Art Restoration

Restore your

We provide maintenance and restoration for both private and public art collections.

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Look beneath
the surface

Our inspection team will help you understand how to prevent your art from deteriorating.

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Art Maintenance

Maintain your

Our maintenance plans include scheduled cleanings and more for both private and public art collections.

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Art Restoration Before & After

Missouri Muse
Art Restoration & Maintenance

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Maintenance Plans for Your Collection

We provide Spring and Fall cleaning, inspection, and surface protection to keep your artworks maintained. Environmental and man-made pollutants are corrosive to the surfaces of outdoor metal sculpture. Our maintenance plans preserve the beauty and ensure the longevity of artworks in our care. We specialize in sculpture fabricated in modern metals and our approach with bronzes provides lasting protection for the patina. Our scheduled maintenance, inspections, and treatments are designed to save your time and money, but most importantly, protect your investment.


Peace of Mind

Our maintenance plans give peace of mind by protecting your investment with comprehensive, detailed assessments of the surface condition every year. Through our maintenance agreements, you get further peace of mind with our warranty on the artwork’s surfaces.

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Save Money

The cost of a complete restoration can be expensive. By selecting Metalabs, the experts in metal preservation, you can minimize the costs and necessity of a restoration by applying an affordable maintenance plan that supports the longevity of the art, thus ensuring the investment value is retained.

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Protect Your Art

Our knowledge of metal surfaces and protective coatings is rooted in decades of architectural metals expertise that ensures your artwork’s surfaces are durable and safe. As collectors ourselves, we personally understand the importance of protecting your sculpture collection.

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